Since the age of 14, I had wanted to see Venice.  That was the year that I began my "Bucket List".  Venturing to Venice, Italy was in my Top 5 activities.  In the summer of 2007, I finally got my wish; visiting Venice for my first (and only - so far) time.  I was taken aback by its beauty.  It was a curious sensation, to be surrounded by water, and yet feel as if my feet were on solid ground.  I had always been amazed at the idea that a city could survive on stilts.  Correction: I am STILL amazed! 

I look forward to when I can visit the island again.  In 2007, I did not yet have my digital camera.  And I think that the rolls of film I had with me, were tainted from the airport scanner.  The silver appears very grainy, and many of the rolls had yellow discoloration.  I have attempted to do minimal image repair with Photoshop, to save as many of the images I could.  My apologies that the photos do not do Venice justice.

On the other hand, it just gives me an excuse for the need to go back!