I grew up in Michigan, in the Detroit area.  It is both amazing and heartbreaking to be surrounded by so much beauty as well as so much disintegration at the same time.

People would always say, "Living in Michigan, you could travel 20minutes in any direction and hit a body of water".  Water; the giver of life in most cases.  And yet, water can not save many of the dying Michigan cities.

I remember as a child, taking school field trips to Historic Fort Wayne, in the city of Detroit.  It is located about a mile from the Canadian water border.  The fort was built in 1849, and has seen better days.  As a child, I was not interested much in history, and never saw the significance of the field trips to the fort.  Now, having aged in my maturity, I find beauty in the construction of the buildings, and the fact that they have stood guard for more than 150years.

Fort Wayne is not the only location in Michigan that I wish to share with you, but my last visit there, in 2007, left me emotionally bonded with the ghosts of my local history.  That is why I decided to begin this page with images from that visit.