CoMfOrT aNd SuPPorT

FRONT: *photo*

This is one of my all-time favorite shots using digital infrared.

Digital photo taken at Illinois State Beach.
What do you do at a large, beautiful beach in July, when the clouds want to cover the sky and the wind keeps blowing?  Answer: Experiment with an Infrared R72 Hoya filter.

I had my beloved Canon 40D camera set on a tripod, and attempted some long exposures of the water.  The infrared filter offered a ghostly effect, and the long exposure made the water appear calm like glass.

Each card takes approximately 30 minutes to make, from printing the cardstock and photos, to cutting apart the pieces, signing the backside of the photos, and placing the pieces together to present the final product. All photo dates and locations are recorded on the backside of the card.
INSIDE:Without waves, the water offers silence.  The silence may appear calm, But there is always an undercurrent.  In times like these, we do our best to be strong.  Know that you are surrounded by loved ones to offer comfort and support.

Card dimension: 5" x 6 7/8" Envelope dimension: 5 1/4" x 7 1/4"

Handmade card on acid free, fluorescent white paper with deckle. Ilford Galerie Pearl paper used for the printed photograph. Both cardstock and photograph is printed on an Epson professional photo printer with Epson archival ink.

Option: Use the card as a back-matting by cutting the card to the preferred framing size while keeping the photograph attached in it's place.

*Avoid displaying photograph outside or in direct sunlight to preserve color luminosity for years to come*