G  R  E  E  T  I  N  G    C  A  R  D  S           

I was first inspired to create my signature card line when a friend was about to celebrate a milestone birthday - and I had no idea what to get her.  She is the kind of person that could buy anything she liked for herself... leaving me at a complete loss of what to purchase.  I embraced my dilemma and decided to make her something that she couldn't buy.  I wanted the gift to be both usable and unique.  Summoning my artistic talents, I designed a small collection of greeting cards for her.

The result was a half-dozen photo cards about various topics.  I shipped them off to Michigan along with a note apologizing that I was unable to make it to town for her party.  I also hoped that she found some comedic humor in the gift I was sending.

I lucked out - because she loved them!  She wrote me the most beautiful thank you card and encouraged me to continue making the cards.  She admitted that she wanted to keep all of the designs for herself, saying that they were "little pieces of art and did not want to part with them".

It just so happens that this friend of mine is married to another good friend of mine.  Her husband is actually the person who talked me into going to college and getting my degree.  For more than a decade, he has been a constant source of encouragement for me as well as a voice of wisdom when I am at a loss with life's tribulations.  So I want to thank the Kowalskis for constantly pushing me to be creative.  The birth of my card line is all because of them.

In our busy lives, sending cards still has the power to remind people that we are thinking about them.  The Signature Photo Card Series is meant as both a friendly gesture and "giv-able art".

The gift is the removable photograph the recipient can then display.  It just so happens to come attached to a friendly greeting. 
All photographs are signed and the dates & locations of where the photos were snapped are recorded on the backs of the cards.



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