Corruption of a Plaid Skirt

    When I watch movies or television, I rarely choose stories that are going to break my heart.  I am more of a horror or mystery fan myself.  So it is funny that my first officially published novel is the kind of story that pulls at your heart strings - and may cause a few tears.
    With that being said, sharing our journeys is the underlying theme threaded throughout the book.  We all have our cultural differences and personality quirks, but when it comes to the important stuff, it's better to have people around to help you through it.  A support system is the necessary structure that we as human beings need in order to survive this thing called life.
    Let me ask a question that you should be asking yourself: Have you ever met or known someone who was a victim of abuse?  Did you listen to their story?
    Listening is one of the simplest forms of support -especially when people have experienced something they feel they should stay quiet about.
    Lillie, the main character of the story, allows years of abusive treatment fester within her before she finally acts out.  She is mistreated as a child as well as falls victim to rape as an adult.  She curses herself for not being strong enough to defend herself.  But just as the phoenix rises time and time again, Lillie also finds the strength to become a survivor.
       It took me roughly ten years to complete Corruption of a Plaid Skirt, and several of those years were spent being convinced to publish it.  I know that Lillie will not speak to everybody in the same way, but I do hope that she can offer healing for those who can identify with her experiences.

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The Cutting Room Floor Book Review:
Corruption of a Plaid Skirt

Review by: Casey Ryan

Corruption of a Plaid Skirt is a starkly effective, fictional account of sexual abuse by first time novelist Lisa Beth. The story is told as a first-person narrative through the eyes of the lead character named Lillie. Using a combination of shared memories and real-time experiences, the reader is witness to her terrifying journey from one abusive relationship to another while at the same time relentlessly fighting for her own sense of self-acceptance and peace of mind.
Ironically, the most compelling aspect of the book is its sense of balance. The first half of the story is a tragedy with a hint of romance.  Lillie digs deep into the vault to bring back memories of the first few assaults that she suffered at a very young age and notes how the same, reprehensible types of men seem to keep finding her in her adult life. The second half of the book is much lighter and romantic in nature while carrying with it the burden of its tragic roots – and no, I won’t offer any spoilers.

In essence we’re treated to two different stories that could almost have been released as separate novels but, somehow seem stronger as a single unit.

As interesting as all of the characters were, some of the most poignant scenes are the ones where Lillie affords herself time for quiet reflection. Readers who have been the unfortunate victims of any kind of personal assault may well find themselves with a lump in their throats when Lillie privately processes her dreams – both the nightmares stemming from past experiences and the occasional, hauntingly enigmatic nocturnal visits that she gets from an elusive “maiden and warrior”.
In addition to tackling the difficult topic of abuse, the author also drives home the universal need that all people have of maintaining a viable support system socially. We’re reminded that these people are really what make life worth living and serve as a means to lighten (if not sweeten) one’s existence.

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Review by: Robert Kriegseis on June 26, 2013 : star star star star star

Lisa Beth, through her character Lillie, tells of a young woman's life long battles with abuse and her struggles to survive without losing herself in the process.

Her early sexual abuses as a preteen stole her childhood and innocence. Her Catholic upbringing made her feel like the guilty one. Too afraid to confess her self perceived sins, she remained silent while her demons continued to haunt her.

Lisa Beth's style of writing draws you into the story. Lillie shares her torments with the reader even before she confides in her closest friends. You know her plight, you experience the horrors that she has endured. You want to help her, but you are forced to remain silent. You have to let Lillie tell you her story, at her own pace.

Reading her story, Lillie shares much of herself with the reader. Though her demons continue to haunt her, she still has her sense of humor. Sometimes appearing at times that make the reader feel guilty for laughing.

Lisa Beth's reoccurring dream sequences show her versatility as a writer. She could easily write "period pieces" and draw the reader with their believability, just as she does with Lillie's story.

Lisa Beth wrote a story that is a "life lesson" for everyone.

For women, fortunate enough to have never experienced abuse first hand, be aware. Look around you. Your seemingly well rounded friends or family members may have their own demons.

For men, like me, it's a wake up call to listen and pay attention to the women in your life. It's not always about you. Not every woman you meet has had a storybook life.

For those women who have suffered the horrors of abuse, learn from Lillie. Confide in those who love you. The feelings of guilt should never be those of the abused.

Corruption of a Plaid Skirt is a book that you won't want to put down because you are afraid of what may happen to Lillie if you're not there.