2011 ~ JoUrNaL

12.17.2011 - Woke up early to write.  *Currently listening to Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls*
I have a writer's meeting later today, and am trying to compose enough thoughts from an on-going story, to bring to the discussion.  At the moment, my guidelines are still scattered.  I have never claimed to have a traditional discipline to writing.  I should, but instead I tend to write in sections that are out of order; that become puzzle pieces.  I then find myself asking the characters how to transition everything together, to compose a complete story.

But it seems as of lately, my mind has been overwhelmed with worries and stresses from my real life, to prevent me from composing ideas for my writing life.  I spent all of last weekend crying over something that I had felt I had lost.  Which is silly really, because you would think I would know this far along in life, that anything in our lives can be taken away or broken.  It's part of being human.  And it is those losses and gains, that help create the many layers of our personalities.  Experiences and scars make us who we are.  And how we choose to utilize life's little interjections, is totally up to us.

I am always learning; about myself as well as the many people who come in and go out of my life.  Sometimes I view my own life as one, very, long, novel.  But it helps me to write.  If I existed to only know happiness, to only know what it felt like to gain - not ever having anything taken away - then how could I ever understand the value of something?  I wouldn't.

Last weekend is now a memory.  Today I'm focused on utilizing my valuable talents; and have pages and pages of story ideas waiting for me to organize them into their proper layers. So with that, I will bid you a good day :)  

- There are quite a few of my co-workers who are hockey players, and I continuously threaten that I'm going to show up to their games and take photos.  So tonight, I decided it was long overdue.  I dusted off my camera and drove out to Palatine, IL., which I had never been to.  The boys played in-line - not ice hockey - but the energy of the teams was the same.  It proved to be fast-paced, and the referee got in the line of my camera site more times than I could count... but it was fun.  I was able to snap off a few decent shots, and have promised to make random appearances in the future.  I just wanted to say thanks to the team for letting me crash their party, and thought I would share a few images.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you... and they won! Yay team! :)

- Yet another weekend has come and gone - how quickly it happens. I have been consumed by so many new photo projects that it has been difficult to balance everything on my "To Do" list. And now I'm trying to find clever ways of incorporating my creative-ness into making unique gifts for the holidays ...and I must admit that I have found myself listening to a Yuletide song here & there on the radio - shame on me!! I am one of those individuals who complain about all of the holiday music and lights, when they appear before Turkey Day. But now I fear that I have slowly began submitting to the commercialism of the pre-holiday festivities! Although I'm not ready to curl up and watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, or Charlie Brown trying to teach his fellow mates about the meaning of the season... but I have not minded hearing a little Bing Crosby or Mannheim Steamrollers. And as much as I will start to feel the peer-pressure, I am making a promise to myself that I am not hanging a single strand of lights until Dec 1st! Ho-Ho-NOT!!

Wishing all of you a pleasant evening :)
11.05.2011 - Yay!! My buddy David was able to fix my site mapping issue! THANK U DAVID!! ...and now, to redesign and upload information for your - and my - entertainment! :)

It's Harvest Season again, which means its time to celebrate what the year has given us, as we put away the summer clothes in replacement for warm, comfy, knitts. We make lists of things that we are thankful for, lists of gifts we are hoping for, and lists of plans for the start of the new calendar.  But while we are busy making lists, do we ever really change our lives? Or do we abstain from our intentions, only to recycle ourselves for another year? Maybe I should make a list and find out?

11.02.2011 - Welcome friends!  My site is undergoing some major construction (as you can tell).  I lost access to my previous design when I renewed my domain.  So bear with me (grrr) as I struggle to get everything set up :)