Greetings to all who visit - my name is Lisa Beth and I am the artist and owner of this domain.  I am a photographer by trade, graduating with my Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Michigan University in 2007.  Originally from a suburb in the Detroit area, I relocated to Illinois in 2009, where I currently reside.  

I began this website as a way to document my endeavors and share my journeys.  I enjoy posting projects, thoughts, blurbs, and excursions I venture to.  Life is full of laughs, mistakes, and learning experiences, and I believe that as humans, we can find inspiration for our own journeys through the experiences of others. 

I enjoy feedback and welcome comments.  Feel free to email me.  Since there are times I am out of reach from the internet, I will reply as quickly as technology allows me to.
Email: lisabeth@halfglassmoment.com

 Wishing you a good journey!

You can find me on Twitter as: @halfglassmoment

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